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Items for sale at Stonebriar Farm

Produce, Products, & Personal Items - check back from time to time for any new listings.

Our 100% pure Ontario Maple Syrup is made completely by hand in small batches for an authentic final product and can be purchased in 250ml, 500ml, 1l, & 4l quantities in a variety of grades.

250 ml  - $ 7.00
500 ml  - $12.00
1 litre   - $20.00
4 litres  - $70.00

* Wholesale and consignment pricing available

Our Maple sugar is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial ingredients. Its unique taste sets it aside from standard granulated cane sugar. Sold in convenient reusable glass shaker containers or glass flip-top jar.

90 g   - $ 5.00
200 g - $12.00
400 g - $20.00

* Wholesale and consignment pricing available

Mixed colour, brown, beige, & blue free-range chicken eggs for sale on a year round basis. With deeper coloured yolks, more nutrients, and better taste than high production eggs they are sure to stir up conversation every time someone sees them in your fridge. Collected daily and sold within hours it's as fresh as you can get from farm to your table.


Price $5.00 /dozen

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